What is changing?

Enable will be increasing registration fees for the use of the accreditation service.

Why has this happened?

AIM Awards have recently revised their fees which has meant an increase in charges to Enable.  Having looked at our in-house services, and to keep in line with the market, Enable has had to increase their fee charges.  Previously, Enable has not made any increases to the accreditation fees in 5 years.

What will the new charge be for registering learners?

The new cost for registering learners using our accreditation service will now be £70 per learner. This is an increase of £15 per learner.

When will the new charges begin?

These changes will take place with effect from 9th September 2013.

What does this include?

The registration fee will still include the following services:

  • Registering of the Learner
  • IV Work undertaken by the Curriculum and Accreditation Lead
  • Certification and Postage work carried out by the Centre Administrator
  • Invoicing for non-contracted works carried out by the Finance team.

What about late registration fees?

Any late registrations will incur an additional charge of £28 per learner.  Enable will only make an exemption should this be deemed to be a mistake on our part.

What about replacement certificate fees?

The charge for replacement certificates will be £34 per certificate. Providers should confirm in writing that they would like a replacement certificate ordering.

Has anything else changed?

No, the process of registering learners and time schedules remains unchanged.  All information needed is available on the Enable website and through the Tutor handbooks.

Who should I contact if I have queries regarding the accreditation service?

Any specific queries relating to the accreditation process should be directed to Enable.