Advanced Learner Loans with Enable

Advanced Learner Loans help anyone aged 19 or above pay the fees charged by colleges and training providers for courses at Level 3 and Level 4. If you are aged 19-23 and this will be your first Level 3 qualification, please contact us, as you may be eligible for these qualifications fully funded.

Level 3 and Level 4 courses include A levels, Access to Higher Education Diplomas and other Certificates. Visit the Advanced Learner Loans qualifications catalogue to find out if your qualification is eligible.

Getting an Advanced Learner Loan doesn’t depend on your household income and there’s no credit check. You won’t have to pay anything back until you’re earning over £25,725 a year. Once you earn over this amount you pay back 9% of the earnings you receive above this figure. If your earnings drop below this figure then repayments of your loan will automatically stop until you are earning above this amount again.

Also available is a Advanced Learner Loan Bursary Fund which can help you if you have any support needs, for example if you need help with your learning, or help with childcare or residential costs.

How to apply

Before applying you will need to ensure you have a Learning and Funding Information Letter from the provider you will be studying at.




Search for a course

Get advice on which might suit you best, from the Courses and Learning section.


Find out more

Find out more about Advanced Learner Loans here.

Use the Repayment Calculator to find out how much you wold pay back each month based on your annual salary.

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