Anisah Rahman

Anisah Rahman completed her L3 Award in Leadership and Management on the SAIL programme. This is what she had to say:

“The course has been really great and really eye opening to my job role. My job role was initially part of the government’s kickstart scheme and I was employed for 6 months as a Marketing and Communication Officer for Life Education Centre Nottinghamshire. This role needed me to acquire a lot of project management which was something I hadn’t entirely done before and took responsibility for on my own.

The units that I had chosen as part of the course helped me understand leadership and management in a broader way than I had imagined. By using the theories and methods that my tutor Asa had presented me to and through the work booklets, I was able to create a Social Media strategy that helped me complete my job role better. I used the exact same methods to carry out my role and manage tasks better taking into consideration things like overlapping tasks and time management.

Before starting the course, my individual outcomes were to help me better manage my role, to progress onto further employment with LECN and to become more confident with myself. I feel that haven completed my role, I was able to do all of that. I now have a further 6 month contract with LECN, monitoring my work and hopefully resulting in permanent employment. I have also managed to fulfil my role better as stated above and become more confident with the work I am undertaking.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Asa, my tutor during this course, who helped me really understand the course units through a bigger picture and made me understand theory with practicality. He has been super helpful and super
friendly during the entirety of the course and his feedback always helped me push even further for the next assignment.”

The Smart and Inclusive Leadership (SAIL) project is part-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF)