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Matrix Standard accreditation for Enable

We are proud to announce that Enable has been accredited the matrix quality standard for information advice and guidance.

Matrix certificate

What is the matrix Standard?

It is the international quality standard for organisations that deliver information, advice and/or guidance (IAG). Either as their sole purpose or as part of their service offering.

The matrix Standard is the Department for Education’s (DfE) standard for ensuring the quality of the delivery of high-quality information, advice and guidance. The DfE supports the matrix Standard as the quality framework for accrediting information, advice and guidance contracts including the National Careers Service, its subcontractors and other services delivered on behalf of the Education Skills Funding Agency.

It helps providers to improve their services by benchmarking against best practice and it offers accreditation to those that meet the full standard.

For more information visit here.

Enable’s matrix report

Last week (12th January 2021) Enable were visited, virtually, by our assessor. The assessor spoke with many of our colleagues regarding the practises within Enable, as well as speaking to some of our delivery partners, members and learners.

He found a number of positives for Enable including:

  • Enable provides clear leadership for it’s consortium members with very good direction, communication and decision making. Enable has an excellent reputation for delivery and very good learner outcomes.
  • Partners interviewed consistently praised the quality of delivery and the high standard of support for members. Partners cited the professionalism and enthusiasm of staff and their positive attitude.
  • There was much evidence of progression, especially for learners whose self-belief had been low. Access to Higher Education which uses the Advance Learner Loans effectively is an exemplar of improving opportunities and creating excellent progression, derived through high quality IAG.
  • Enable’s responsibilities are discharged effectively and consistently with regard to safeguarding and health and safety. Enable’s approach to the coronavirus lockdown demonstrated absolute commitment to safe working practices and procedures that ensured risks were minimised and learners would feel safe and be safe.

Future improvements

Since our last review by matrix, we have improved our IAG. We have updated our website, improved and increased our use of social media. We have ensured that our learners are aware of the opportunities available to them upon completion of their course, and we have offered Continuous Professional Development (CPD) opportunities for our staff, delivery partners and members.

We will continue to look for ways to improve our communication with our members, followers and learners. In order to do this effectively we require feedback from our learners, members and business partners that we work with.

If you have worked with us, please contact us and share your experience.

What our learners had to say in the matrix standard report:

“I would not have made it to university without Enable. I was given really thorough advice at the enquiry stage of applying for my Access to HE – History course and I’ve been given lots of help. Even though I started in November I know what I have to achieve up to June and I’ve had offers from two universities.” – Access to Higher Education learner

“I had some difficulty finding the right Access course but was referred to Enable and it has really suited me. The materials on line are great and the support from my tutor has been excellent. Early on she recognised I’d need structure to help me manage my work commitments and the course and it’s all worked out well. I’ve had three unconditional offers from universities so I’m very pleased.” – Access to Higher Education learner

“I’ve had help managing my dyslexia and there has been no problem on my apprenticeship. In fact other learning difficulties I have were all discussed at the beginning and help provided. My anxiety could have been a problem but my tutor is always there to help me and give me reassurance. At the
beginning of my apprenticeship I was really nervous about answering the phone but now I am confident and can deal with most enquiries from the public thanks to the help I’ve had from my tutor/assessor. During lockdown I had a family bereavement and my tutor helped me through that.” – An Apprenticeship learner

“I was volunteering in a community centre when a tutor from Enable met me and told me about apprenticeships for older people like me. I had a look and applied and got an apprenticeship. The support has been great from Enable and I tell others about the opportunities they have. Before, I thought I was going to do little in my career, but it’s working out well.” – An Apprenticeship learner

If you would like to tell us about your experience of learning with Enable, please contact us and let us know your thoughts.

All feedback will be treated anonymously, unless you state you are happy for your name to be used.

New Teammate

Enable has recruited a new teammate to join all our colleagues in delivering first class training opportunities for the East Midlands. Danielle O’Garro has joined the Enable team as our Business Administration Apprentice.

We hope you will join us in welcoming Danielle to the Enable team!

Our new teammate snapped this selfie on her first day
Danielle snapped this on her first day in the office!

Danielle will be getting stuck in and will be helping Flick with all her admin duties! She has worked at one of our partner centres, Nottingham Teaching College; she is already familiar with some of our courses and opportunities. Now Danielle is excited to be joining the core team at Enable.

Previously, Danielle has worked as a chef in a busy kitchen. She wanted to change her career direction to give her more time to spend with her daughter. Danielle is a very proud mum (as most mum’s are) and loves showing off photos of her daughter to us all.

We wish Danielle all the best for her new role! We are sure she will fit right into the Enable family, even while working from home. Danielle will spend her first few weeks getting to know our teammates and what all their roles are within Enable.

Interested in starting your apprenticeship journey with Enable; contact us to ask about our latest opportunities. We have a wide range of course topics and will be happy to help you get your dream career.

Businesses who want to take on a new teammate in the form of an apprentice need to contact us. We can help you find the ideal candidate for helping your business fast track into the future. Government grants of up to £2000 for each apprenticeship appointment.

Closure of Register of Training Organisations

The ESFA have just released the below information for all training providers regarding the closure of Register of Training Organisations:

“The Register of Training Organisations (ROTO) has been closed since 2016 and will be formally decommissioned on the 31st July 2021. ESFA funding rules will be updated to reflect this.

ROTO was formerly the sole market entry point for apprenticeships, adult education budget (AEB), Advanced Learner Loans (ALL) and European Social Fund (ESF). However, Apprenticeship market entry is now managed via the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP). All funding opportunities for other funding streams will be advertised on GOV.UK, including the recently announced expansion of traineeships.

In addition, subcontractors who wish to deliver over £100,000 in the AEB or ESF market have to be listed on ROTO as per our current funding rules. This requirement will remain until formal closure. We recently published the subcontracting consultation response which seeks to refresh the management of the subcontracting market. These reforms are expected to be fully implemented by 2023. We are currently working on interim measures to ensure ESFA oversight of subcontractors in this period. We will communicate more information on this in the Autumn.”

We will bring more updates regarding this as an when it is available. Please keep up to date with Enable news here.

Covid-19 Support Pack

Emerald Works have constructed an in depth support pack containing lots of training opportunities for people to use while working and learning from home.

The COVID-19 Support Pack, which is available on Emerald Works’ Mind Tools platform, offers more than 20 articles and videos on topical subjects such as working from home, running virtual meetings, mental health and decision-making under pressure. The most popular articles accessed to date are around the topics of staying focused while working from home and problem-solving.

Other topics covered in the Support Pack are working in a virtual team, managing emotion in a team, keeping calm in a crisis and mindfulness in the workplace.

Under current UK government guidance, everyone is required to work from home unless it is impossible to do so, in order to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

While some companies have previously introduced a culture of flexible working, many people have never worked from home, leading to new challenges and additional stress in already worrying times.

The National Office of Statistics reported that in 2019 around 1.7m people were working mainly from home – with the evolving coronavirus outbreak, that number is rising dramatically.

With so many people working from home, Emerald Works is also seeing a significant surge in interest in people accessing the resources from Minds Tools. Figures from client sites show an increase in engagement and number of users to the Emerald Works Mind Tools toolkit – with a 33% increase in traffic week on week a 43% increase in traffic compared with the previous month.

The package of online learning solutions is drawn from the Mind Tools library of almost 2,500 resources which are divided into 12 skill areas such as leadership, creativity, strategy and project management. The resources are accessed by more than 24 million people each year.

In addition to the COVID-19 Support Pack, Emerald Works also uses its Minds Tools platform to provides and create customised online learning solutions for companies such as Tata Steel.

Louise Burge, Lead Projects Advisor at Tata Steel, said: “The Working From Home and Living Well custom pages created by MindTools during COVID-19 have enabled us to provide practical resources quickly to people on a range of relevant topics such as virtual meetings, managing remote teams and working from home. This gave people some much needed practical support during this challenging time.”

Peter Casebow, CEO of Emerald Works, said: “Our mission has always been to make a difference to people’s lives and give them the solutions they need to work smarter, overcome challenges, better their wellbeing and enrich their careers. With COVID-19 forcing so many people to work from home for the first time and disrupting normal ways of working, the challenges have never been greater and people need support more than ever.”

Emerald Works was launched in January when it brought together three established international learning organisations – GoodPractice, Towards Maturity and Mind Tools – to form one global company.

Emerald Works, which has offices in Edinburgh, London, Horsham, the US and Australiaworks with global brands such as Virgin Money, Standard Life Aberdeen, Rolls-Royce, Edrington and AstraZeneca among its growing client base. With a focus on the USA, UK and Australia, the company now serves more than 2.5m learners and learning professionals each month, based in 180 countries worldwide.

The Covid-19 Support Pack is available here.

Staying focused while you’re working from home:

About Emerald Works

“At Emerald Works, we’re committed to helping individuals and organisations around the
world realise their full potential by using evidence-led learning solutions that work. We work together to build learning cultures that empower people to bring about real change for real impact.”

Recognition for Covid-19 Volunteers

Open Awards (one of our awarding bodies) are supporting volunteers by officially recognising the amazing volunteering being done to support communities in these difficult times.

If you’re a charity coordinating volunteers, a business with staff who are volunteering or know someone doing something great as part of the #Bekind #Keepsafe movement then they’d love to hear from you.

Open Awards, completely free of charge, will recognise any voluntary activity that lasts for at least 1 hour and can be approved by either a line manager, volunteer supervisor or coordinator. Upon completion of a short registration and approval form, the volunteer will receive an Open Awards e-certificate confirming the incredible things they have done to support those in need during these special measures.

To register please click here.