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FREE Professional Development training

FREE Professional Development training – ESOL practitioners working with lower-level New to ESOL / ‘pre-entry’ learners.

Learning Unlimited have been in touch as they are offering FREE training for ESOL practitioners working with lower-level New to ESOL / ‘pre-entry’ learners.  This is under their New to ESOL Project. They can tailor the training depending upon the attendees and the event timings can be anywhere between a half day (approx. 2.5 hours) and a full day (5 hours). To make sure that the format is correct to local practitioner/learner needs and interests a broad indicative ‘menu’ of topic choices or focuses which can combined to suit particular regional/local/practitioner concerns has been added below to highlight the topic areas that can be covered.

Learning Unlimited have the capacity to hold a few training days within the East Midlands up until the end of March so if anyone has a venue that can be used to hold this training, please do let me know.  

This a great training opportunity for those involved in in pre-entry ESOL to gain further relationship and share practices along with gain further training and development .

If you are interested in either attending a training day and/or host a training day (either half or full) please be in touch.

Indicative Offer:

Each of the ten sections contains between 1-2 hours of negotiable content: sections can be combined or adapted in any way  to suit your local context. 

1Starting PointsWhere to startTypes of learnerDefining basic literacyLearners as a resource
2The language experience and whole word approachKey approach to teaching basic literacy
3Teaching beginnersTeaching absolute beginnersDifferent types of beginnerExperiential learning
4Language and literacy practicesWhat are ‘literacy practices’?Integrating the ‘4 skills’ Cultural and linguistic norms and expectations
5Digital practices for basic literacy Developing digital literacies/using digital technologyDigital writing vs handwritingDigital literacy practicesBring your own device approaches
6Focus on readingHow people readReading acquisitionExperiential activity 
7Focus on Writing  Experiential activities (Greek writing) Handwriting and digital   writingMotor skills 
8Phonics for ESOLTypes of phonic approachesUsing some of the phonics packDeveloping reading and phonic attack skills Integrating phonics
9Localise it!New to ESOL resources – making them locally relevantThe top tips 
10Participate!Learners as curriculum designersCourse planningParticipating in society

Free online training available until 31/03/2020

Over the past two years Lincolnshire’s Volunteer Centres have offered a popular free online training programme to community organisations and volunteers operating in Lincolnshire. The training has been highly successful, with over 800 courses completed in the current financial year.

There are 31 courses available on the programme including safeguarding awareness, basic first aid, person-centred working and workplace wellbeing.

The programme currently runs until 31-Mar-2020 and there are a number of licences remaining which are now being opened up to the wider community. Any organisation or individual who is resident, volunteering or working in Lincolnshire can apply and find further information click here