Over the past months we have all had to deal with changes in the way we lead our daily lives. Not least in the way Apprentices and their Tutors have adapted to new ways of studying as they work towards achieving their qualifications. At Enable we have found that our Apprentices, our Tutors and our partners have been very adept at making these changes to maintain momentum and progression and we thank them for that.

We have all embraced new online learning platforms, apps and virtual meeting techniques. As part of our resources, Enable have provided online modules for every one of our Apprentices (and Tutors) to access. So that they can continue to enhance their knowledge and support their qualification and career. One Apprentice who has embraced this is Charlotte Bradbury who has not only completed the modules recommended by Enable and her Tutor Tracy Andrew but, has also finished other modules taking her total to a record breaking 26.

This is what Charlotte has to say:

Apprenticeship Charlotte

“The courses that Enable provide are very useful and have grown my knowledge in areas I didn’t know a lot about. They have a variety of courses to do in many different areas. As working in a school, the most useful course I did was safeguarding as it broke it down into different categories and made it easy for me to remember and understand the information. Another course I found useful was fire safety as it was very clear and showed what to do if there is a fire and how to act. The final course I found useful was risk assessment as it showed me what a risk assessment looked like and how to carry one out.

Because of the pandemic I have had to do my work online, at the start I found it hard as I didn’t have face-to-face communication with my tutor and I wasn’t going into college, but as the weeks went on, I started to really enjoy doing the work at home.  The reason I like doing the work at home was because I still had regular zoom meetings with my tutor and I still got all the work done.

If you are going into the same career as me, I would really recommend the safeguarding, fire safety and risk assessment courses as they go in depth and made me understand so much more about the topics”

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