We take Compliments and Complaints seriously – this is why we have a Compliments and Complaints Procedure.

Its purpose is to make sure that we give a consistent and timely review to all complaints we receive. It also provides a formal structure to recognise any compliments we receive.

Before making a formal complaint, we encourage you to talk directly to a relevant person (eg your course tutor or member of staff). Problems can often be sorted out by explaining the situation to someone and finding a way to move forward. However, there may be occasions when this isn’t appropriate, or simply doesn’t work. In which case we would recommend making a formal complaint. Remember, you can always contact us to discuss the best way forward.

Please be aware that we will only deal with complaints about incidents that are no more than one month old.

The procedure covers all compliments or complaints made by enable learners* and any organisation or individual who has access or makes contact directly with Enable, for any of its services, with two exceptions.

These are:

– Issues relating to the assessment and verification of qualifications (these are covered by a separate procedure).

– Individuals who directly use the services of Enables Members, (not as a learner).  It is expected that Enable members are expected to have their own procedures in place to deal with these type of complaints.

The Compliments and Complaints Procedure is available to download or you can contact Enable to discuss your concerns on (0115) 7 100 200. Note that the Complaints Form and Compliments Form are also available.

If you have any questions about how to complain, please feel free to contact us on (0115) 7 100 200 or email enableenquiries@enable.uk.net

* When we talk about learners, we mean those individuals who access programmes, funded and contracted through Enable and delivered through Enable Members.