Adult Education Classroom

What is Adult Education Budget?

Adult Education Budget (AEB) is for adults wishing to improve their Maths and English qualifications, although we are looking to expand into more subjects in the future. 

This is one of our more popular courses owing to the vast number of people within the East Midlands who need to improve their grades from what they achieved at school. 

Where can you complete your Adult Education course?

Our Adult Education courses are available from many of our delivery partners across the East Midlands. We work closely with them to deliver excellent training opportunities to our communities who need them the most.

If you wish to apply for one of our courses, please contact us today to find the nearest centre to you.*

All of our delivery partners and training centres have passed our strict due diligence and delivery checks so you know that we will be working together to get you the best achievement level possible. 

*please note that during the Covid-19 pandemic many of our courses were moved from classroom learning to online virtual training sessions. Access to the internet is vital to complete your course.

What is the cost of this course?

Our Adult Education training is free to learners of all ages.

How to apply:

If you wish to apply for one of our Adult Education courses, please contact us through our website to find a course happening near you.

Want to become a Delivery Partner?

If you, or your organisation, wish to become one of our delivery partners on this exciting project please check out the AEB Tender link below. When we arrange a Funding Call for applicants we will post all the of the details for on the page below. 

Please note that in order to become a delivery partner of Enable you must be a member and have passed your most recent due diligence checks.