At Enable we will support you through the entire process of recruiting an apprentice. Here is an overview of what is involved.

Step 1 Meet with our Business Development Manager

Our Business Development Manager will meet with you to discuss the apprenticeship opportunities available to you though Enable. They will help you decide whether it is an existing staff member or new talent that is required to compliment your organisations aims and aspirations.

Step 2 Advertise your Vacancy

We will assist you in creating a job advert and support you in promoting this opportunity through a number of avenues; namely the ‘find an apprenticeship page’ on the National Apprenticeship Service website and other local avenues.

Step 3 Invite to Interview

We will work alongside your organisation to short list candidates for interview. Looking at what is required of them within the Job and Person Specification and scoring them accordingly.

Step 4 Employer Aftercare

Once the individual has been identified either as an existing employee or a new recruit, we will assign a tutor to support them with their learning. We will also maintain communication with yourselves to help you throughout the duration of the apprenticeship.

With the new changes to apprenticeships coming in to force in April 2017, we are aware that some employers may want more or less help. As a result this guidance will reflect this.