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Enable is proud to support the Voluntary and Community Sector with delivery of Apprenticeships. We continue to grow our contracts around the region. More and more employers are seeing the benefits from employing a young Apprentice within their organisations If you are considering recruiting an Apprentice, you may find the following information useful.

We can access funding for 16-18 year olds and for those aged 19+. We are also able to support applications for the 24+ learning loan which can be used by your employee to purchase a relevant level 3 qualification.

We are able to support Apprenticeships throughout the East Midlands using our own Tutors and with support from selected Training Providers*. Apprenticeships are an ideal way to support and train your existing staff, or can present an ideal opportunity to bring in a young person whom you can develop in-house to strengthen your workforce for the future. Please note Apprenticeships are currently not available to volunteers.

What is an Apprenticeship?

It is a work-based training programme, designed around the needs of the employer and employee, that develops the skills, knowledge and behaviours an employee needs to do their job. It may lead to a nationally recognised qualification.

There are two routes into an Apprenticeship:

Routes to an Apprenticeship

Existing employees will be able to access an Apprenticeship if they are employed for 30 hours a week or more. However, the Apprenticeship must be for the employees professional development, promotion or career progression.

What is expected of the Apprentice?

Apprentices learn in the workplace and are expected to work to the standard required by both the employer and the national curriculum. They will meet targets and currently in most cases, work towards an independent End Point Assessment to achieve the Apprenticeship.

Observations will be made of the Apprentice carrying out daily duties. Evidence produced and competencies confirmed.

What is expected of the Employer?

The Apprentice must be employed by the organisation for a minimum of 30 hours a week. Employers will support Apprentices by passing on skills and knowledge, and by assigning someone to mentor them in their role and shape their behaviours. Employers will need to allow a minimum of 20% of the Apprentices normal working hours to be given over to off the job training. This could take the form of for example shadowing, mentoring, training, research or assignments that are relevant to the qualification and job role.

Employers will need to meet with the Apprentice and Tutor a minimum of every 10 weeks, to discuss and document a progress review. Occasionally, employers may also be asked for written testimonies about the Apprentice’s work and capabilities.

Find out more about the benefits of taking on an apprenticeship here.

Why work with Enable?

Enable is an established Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) organisation that has a strong track record in delivering learning, skills and employment. As we are a VCS organisation, we have a great understanding of the needs of other VCS organisations and how they work.

Our 2018 Ofsted Inspection found that:

“The progress of current apprentices is good”,

“Tutors and assessors deliver high quality teaching, training and learning in the classroom and the workplace and through distance learning methods.

It has also recently been announced that the national average for people completing their apprenticeship is 64.7%, where as Enable’s apprenticeship achievement rate is 77.2%! 12.5% above the national average, which continues to fall while we continue to improve.

Find out more about Apprenticeships

If you are interested in taking on an Apprentice, we can offer you a free recruitment service to help find the right candidate. If you have existing staff who you’d like to offer an Apprenticeship to, please contact use the contact form at the top of this page.