What is Community Learning?

This is the opportunity to do some learning within your community. This is where we take time to develop your skills and prepare you for getting back into work, as well as improving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We have courses which cover boosting your confidence, basic maths and English skills (including how these are vital in everyday life like budgeting), some nutrition and mindfulness training also. This really is everything you could want to improve your situation whether at work or at home. These courses are usually only a couple of weeks long, and just because you enrol on one, doesn’t mean you can’t enrol on more!

By enrolling on our Community Learning courses you will be learning with others from your local community who will be in a similar situation to you. Our tutors are welcoming and helpful and will put you right at ease.

Once you have completed your course you will receive a certificate of completion, and be offered support for your future. Many of our learners, upon completion, have progressed onto one of our accredited learning qualifications. Community Learning is your stepping stone to your dream career.

These courses are being funded by Nottingham City Council and Education & Skills Funding Agency.

Download our Community Learning course booklet here for more information.

What courses are available?

Check Your Numbers – Improve your day to day maths and feel more confident when dealing with numbers. Whether you need help to budget, check your bills or help your children, this is the course for you.

Lost for Words – Learn to speak with confidence and ease with our English course for adults. Our supportive classes will help you feel more able to engage both when talking and writing in your daily activities.

Digital Skills for Beginners – Embrace technology for daily use and learn the basics so that you can surf the internet, pay bills, buy your shopping online, apply for a job, volunteer and keep up to date and most importantly, stay connected.

ESOL Conversation Skills – Come along to our classes and learn to improve your skills, your confidence and feel more connected with your community. Join our weekly ESOL conversation classes and learn to speak more fluently.

ESOL to Employment – Improve your English and improve your job prospects in warehousing. Join our course and work with a tutor to boost your understanding of the workplace.

Make Yourself Employable – Rise to the challenge of getting a job. Take time on this course to look at your skill set and gain an insight in to how you can help yourself stand out from the crowd and secure your next role.

Life After Lockdown – Form healthy habits and learn how to deal with the changes that the pandemic has created. A chance to review the effect that Covid-19 has had on you. Plus a practical introduction to ‘tools’ to help you adapt to a new way of living and a plan if we go in to lockdown again.

IT All Adds Up – Do you want to learn how to budget? Are you worried about debt? This short course will introduce you to the skills needed to do this and help make it easier for you to manage your bills and money day to day.

When are these courses available?

Our course dates for 2021/22 are varied. Please contact us with the details of the course you are interested in and we will let you know when the next course is running.

How to book your place on Community Learning

If you wish to book onto one of our upcoming Community Learning courses, please send us your:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Details of the course(s) you are interested in

You can send us your details here.

Community Learning Feedback

Don’t just take our word for how amazing these courses are. Read what some of our past learners had to say:

“This course increased my knowledge of English and gave me more confidence” – Ali Zeinali about our Lost for Words course

“[This course] helped me to understand numerical equations and I made new friends” – Anonymous about our Check Your Numbers course

“It has undoubtedly helped me a lot, especially in my confidence when I try to speak English to others” – Denis Simon Ayoul about our ESOL for Conversation course

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