Traineeships and work experience

What are Traineeships?

Traineeships provide valuable work experience for those who are unemployed and almost work-ready but lack in particular work experience. 

They can be beneficial for those interested in an Apprenticeship and who would benefit from work experience (perhaps sector specific) and skills to support their employment prospects.  They provide a fantastic opportunity to experience what it is like to work in a job whilst gaining skills and qualifications that employers are looking for.

What is the timescale?

Each Traineeship will last about 12 weeks maximum

Where can you complete your Traineeships?

Our Traineeship opportunities are available across the East Midlands. You will work with one of our delivery partners who deliver excellent training opportunities to our communities who need them the most.

If you need to improve your Maths and English grades as part of your traineeship, our delivery partners will also develop your skills in these areas as part of your course. Initial assessments will be conducted to assess your need for this learning.

All of our delivery partners and training centres have passed our strict due diligence and delivery checks so you know that we will be working together to get you the best achievement level possible. 

Key facts:

A Traineeship experience will include:

  • An extensive and managed on-site work placement with a local employer which meets the interests and aspirations of the trainee.
  • Accredited or non-accredited general employability skills learning (CV writing, application advice, interview tips).
  • Vocationally specific learning (accredited or non-accredited) and experiences that meet an individual’s career interests and aspirations.
  • Delivery of English and Maths qualifications up to and including GCSE grade C if an individual does not have a GCSE grade C in these subjects.

What is the cost of Traineeships?

Our traineeships are free and are classed as work experience for job seekers.

How to apply

If you wish to apply for one of our courses, please contact us today to find the nearest centre to you.*

*please note that during the Covid-19 pandemic our classroom based learning, to improve your Maths and English skills will have moved online. This is to protect you and our delivery partners. Access to the internet and electronics may be essential. Please check with your training provider.

Want to become a Delivery Partner?

If you, or your organisation, wish to become one of our delivery partners on this exciting project please check out the Tender link below. When we arrange a Funding Call for applicants we will post all the of the details for on the page below. 

Please note that in order to become a delivery partner of Enable you must be a member and have passed your most recent due diligence checks.