A lot of young people are considering apprenticeships now more than ever before. With the increasing university fees, coupled with the lack of on-the-job training, apprenticeships are becoming more and more popular. Benefiting all parties involved, they could be an asset to your business and its development.

No matter what size business or industry you work in, taking on an apprentice can bring a number of benefits. People that undertake apprenticeships are usually highly motivated and keen to learn. With the aid of a mentor, on the job training means they are completing work whilst learning new skills, increasing business productivity.

The overall cost of taking on and employing an apprentice alongside training them is not nearly as much as you would think; with the minimum wage for an 18-20 year old being just £3.40 an hour. Whilst we suggest employers pay more than this, as it only equates to £503.20 a month, it would still be a fraction of the cost of a fully qualified employee.

Rather than creating a new position within your business you could choose to put an existing member of staff through an apprenticeship. This will show that you are willing to invest time and money in to your current employees making them feel more valued and supported with their professional development.

All of these benefits lead to a more committed and effective workforce; resulting in lower staff turnover and a healthier bottom line.