Enable is the Voluntary and Community Sector Learning and Skills Consortium serving the East Midlands.

We are a charity which provides training and education for people who want to start or further their career. We do this by providing opportunities in local learning, skills and employment needs.

Objectives and Activities of Enable

The objectives of Enable as set out in the Memorandum and Articles of Association are to develop the capacity and skills of the members of the socially and economically disadvantaged communities of England in such a way that they are better able to identify, and help meet, their needs and to participate more fully in society, in particular by:

  • Assisting such charities and voluntary organisations to play a full role in the local and national learning and skills agenda and to make the most effective use of funding
  • Providing support and guidance for charitable purposes by charities and voluntary organisations operating in the area of benefit;
  • Providing high quality, vocational and non-vocational, learning

Our Mission Statement

  • To enable the Voluntary and Community Sector to support the sustainable economic development of their communities through services that address local learning, skills and employment needs

Our Aims

  • To promote and facilitate information sharing, consultation and partnership development regarding learning, skills and employment with and within the Voluntary and Community Sector;
  • To provide high quality, integrated employment and skills programmes through a consortium of Voluntary and Community Sector providers;
  • To meet the capacity building  and  continuing  professional  development  needs  of Voluntary and Community Sector learning and skills providers;
  • To meet the Workforce Development needs within the Voluntary and Community Sector;
  • To ensure there is effective and sustainable infrastructure support for learning and skills within the Voluntary and Community Sector.

Enable creates connections with member organisations, funding bodies and local, regional and national bodies involved in training, skills and workforce development.

We split our core work into 5 sections:

  • Providing frameworks for voluntary organisations and community groups to deliver learning programmes that meet the needs of learners, the community and national standards.
  • Ensuring the voluntary sector makes an effective contribution to national and local targets for learning and skills.
  • Develops the capacity of the sector as providers of learning.
  • Facilitates collaboration, within the VCS and other sectors, to widen participation in learning and increase achievement.
  • Establishes a recognised formal channel for involvement and consultation.

For more information about the people who work at Enable and the roles we do within the charity, check out our Meet the Team blog post. We are quite the friendly and personal bunch and would love for you to get to know us better!

What is a consortium?

A consortium is where two or more organisations come together and pool their resources to achieve a common goal.

The word ‘consortium’ originates from the Latin word meaning ‘partnership’.

Enable is a consortium (or partnership) of organisations, mostly from the Voluntary and Community Sector.
We were established to enable voluntary organisations and community groups to effectively engage in the development and delivery of the local learning and skills agenda.

Enable subcontractor statement

Sub Contracting and Fees Policy

Sub Contracting Partnership Schedule

Registered charity number 1105746.