Far-Right Awareness Training Flyer

One of our partners, Communities Inc, is running a webinar regarding far-right awareness training. This is a limited opportunity with only 20 places available!

To download the flyer in pdf for display purposes, click on the image.

Learn how the far-right manipulate genuine concerns and use them for their ideological gain. In this training you will be breaking down various aspects, including:

  • British values
  • Far-right misinformation
  • commonly used narratives

By the end of this training you will have an understanding of the methods and dangers of the far-right movement. You will also be able to challenge far-right ideals through bystander interventions.

This course is ideal for tutors, mentors and teachers who will come into contact with a wide range of students from various backgrounds.

Contact Communities Inc to secure your place on this far-right awareness training before they are all gone!