Find out what attendees have said about our recent training event.

We ran a training event on 10 August 2017 entitled ‘Getting SMART with Individual Learning Plans’. It was is a bespoke Enable training event that aimed to guide attendees through all aspects of ILPs, and how to use them to deliver successful training programmes and achieve better results.

Here’s how they rated the event overall:

58% said it was ‘Excellent’ and the remaining 42% said it was ‘Good’.

Here’s some of the great feedback we had from those who attended and what they liked about the event.

“It was very informative…Gemma and Sharon were very confident in what they were saying and answering questions”

I liked “How it simplified the ILP learning outcomes and made me more confident of how I can complete them with a clear and true outcome’

“Well though out and useful in terms of thinking about/putting myself in the position of my learners as it is about them and tehir learning”

“Tutors really good”

“Very useful training”

“Good group work”


We also had some useful feedback of where we could improve, which we will take into account when we run the next session which will be held on 21 September 2017. See our calendar for details.