Those of you who are observant will notice that we didn’t release a blog post in October. We’ll be honest, we were so busy with our new Digital Skills and Community Learning courses that our blog post got forgotten! However, we think this blog fits better in November after England has just gone into a national lockdown for the month; sharing our tips and tricks for how to get the best of your learning at home seems apt!

So grab a cuppa, put your feet up and enjoy our latest blog! We promise to get December’s blog post out on time so that you don’t miss out!

How do you get the most from learning at home?

If you read any guide to parenting, or listen to any parenting advice, they will tell you that “Children need routine”. But why does it have to be different for adults? Surely what is good for the goose is good for the gander?

We think if you asked the top 100 CEOs in the UK about what makes them so successful, they would answer “hard work and dedication”, but they can’t just do it on one day and be successful. They would need to do this every day, so it become habit. So that it becomes a routine.

Plan your learning at home

This is what you need to be good at learning at home. Just with working at home, learning at home needs to become part of your daily routine. If you can fit in half an hour to an hour every day to learn something new, you are well on your way to success!

“But I simply just don’t have the time!”

We hear this a lot. We hear that busy people just don’t have the time to squeeze in an extra half an hour or an hour of learning a day. It sounds a lot, especially when you are juggling a busy schedule in the first place – with kids, work, and the dreaded housework too! It’s actually very simple to fit in some time to focus on you and yourself with all the other task which must be done.

Listen to podcasts to learn at home

Many people now listen to podcasts, they’ve become part of everyday life for so many. So why not, while you are doing the ironing or bathing the kids, listen to an educational podcast? Instead of listening to Michelle Obama’s inspirational podcast, why not listen to someone talking through a topic that you are studying? A simple change to add learning to your daily routine!

Not a fan of podcasts? (or don’t have the time to listen to them?) but you can grab a quick half an hour of reading before you turn the light off for bed at night… swap the latest Danielle Steele novel for a textbook a few nights a week. We aren’t suggesting that you should give up on reading for fun in favour of learning, but just a couple of nights a week will give you some great ideas to ponder as you drift into the land of Nod.

Where to learn at home?

So now that we’ve discovered that you do have time to learn, where to do it? Once you have found the time in your routine for your learning, find a space to. Just as with when most of us started working from home during lockdown, learning at home can become quite difficult to juggle around the family too.

Find a space to learn at home

Make some space – just like a home office, create a designated space for your learning. Whether that’s in the bedroom, the garden shed, the dining room table; it doesn’t matter. Just find a little corner of your world that is your dedicated learning space. When you are in that space with your books and your computer, you are in the learning mindset.

Remove distractions – oh how easy is it to click onto Facebook or Instagram just to check if your latest post has gone viral? Don’t do it! Before you know it’s been three hours and you’ve got nothing done! If you can, we would recommend leaving your phone off (or at least you social media!)

Make your learning space comfy – there’s nothing worse than trying to learn with your foot slowly going to sleep! Unless it’s once you’ve got pins and needles!

“All the gear, no idea” or “be prepared”

Some people are big fans of stationery. When there’s a new topic to learn, they buy themselves a new dedicated notebook to that topic. Knowing that all the notes for that subject will be in that one area is a great help for some.

Whatever works for you, go with it. Some people thrive on the super organised and colour co-ordinated way of learning. Some thrive on the erratic, post-it notes and bits of paper flying everywhere. Once you have found your learning style, throw yourself into it full heartedly!

Have a plan of what you want to achieve each learning session and stick to it… want to write a synopsis of the latest chapter? Need to create a mind map to help you compare and contrast the poems? No problem when you’ve got the right tools for the job!

Learning at Home – It’s that simple!

It really is that simple to learn from home:

  • Make time to learn
  • Find a space to learn
  • Get the right tools for your learning style

So now what is stopping you? There’s no excuse not to learn something new. In the time it’s taken you to read this blog post you could have learned how English archers won the battle of Agincourt or what hormone is produced during exercise and it’s benefit in combatting mental ill health! Not that we are encouraging you not to read our blog posts, but we hope that you can now see how easy it is to learn something new.

If you are still struggling to discover your passion and the right course for you, Enable can help with that. Talk to us and see how we can help you use these skills to enhance your career. Learning is so important, there’s a reason why so many businesses invest so much in Continuous Professional Development; learning is important. Get started today!