A consortium is where two or more organisations come together and pool their resources to achieve a common goal.

The word ‘consortium’ originates from the Latin word meaning ‘partnership’.

Enable is a consortium (or partnership) of organisations, mostly from the Voluntary and Community Sector.
We were established to enable voluntary organisations and community groups to effectively engage in the development and delivery of the local learning and skills agenda.

Consortium Terms of Reference:

  • The consortium is a member owned organisation with membership open to all VCS organisations and groups that support its aims.
  • All members have an equal say in the development and running of the consortium and nominate and appoint Directors to the Board.
  • There are regular members’ meetings where matters of strategy, policy and practice are decided, following recommendations from the Chief Executive and Board.
  • Member participation is enabled by various means with attendance at meetings not the only way to voice views or be involved.
  • The consortium is committed to achieving inclusion and equality in all its activities and practices and in the service delivery of projects by members.
  • The consortium acts as an advocate on behalf of VSC organisations and their communities and seeks formal recognition as a channel for participation, involvement and consultation with all city and county strategic bodies and partnerships and regional structures where relevant.
  • Members are encouraged and supported to represent the Consortium on local partnerships and at relevant events.
  • Regular information regarding developments, opportunities and funding is provided to members with, where possible, support to access these.
  • The consortium promotes co-operation and collaboration between members and with other sectors.
  • A ‘hub and spoke’ structure for the acquisition and management of learning and skills contracts is established to support members unable to contract independently and to enable the sector to access mainstream funding.
  • The consortium will avoid competing with members for provider contracts and the Enable ‘hub’ does not deliver provision directly where this can be done effectively by members.
  • The consortium secures appropriate resources to support the capacity building of VCS organisations and groups in becoming quality learning providers.
  • The consortium has established a countywide ‘hub’ for VCS workforce development activity