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  • Maths and English in Apprenticeships Are you interested in improving your delivery of maths and English within the new apprenticeship standards?
  • Functional Skills: Essential Resources Making Britain Numerate and Making Britain Literate are two workbooks written to support learners studying Functional Skills.
  • Maths and English in Apprenticeships: Interactive Webinars Are you interested in improving your delivery of maths and English within the new apprenticeship standards?
  • Function Skills Resources Discover new materials and approaches to support the teaching and learning of functional skills.
  • Lesson Observation Blog Enable's Accreditation and Quality Lead, Sharon Horder, has written an article about using lesson observation and learning walks to improve formative assessment in maths and English.
  • Onestopenglish Newsletter November 2017 The latest newsletter from Onestopenglish is full of handy resources for English teachers.
  • Maths and English Shaping Success The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) has launched a suite of new courses, tips and tools.
  • Theft in the Hotel This activity is a role play that allows students to take control, decide how the story will develop, and use their imagination.
  • Homophones Dictation This materials-light learning activity needs little preparation and allows learners to notice problems relating to spelling or hearing something correctly.
  • Conversation Videos A collection of 15 video resources to help learners develop their listening skills and to get them to talk about their opinions.
  • BBC Skillswise Enables adults to improve reading, writing and number skills.  Both the English and Maths sections have practical resources to develop skills for adults.
  • BBC Bitesize Learning resources for adults, children, parents and teachers: find videos and audio clips by level, subject and topic.
  • Breakthrough Plus This popular communicative English course offers a comprehensive package to suit mixed-ability classes and is ideal for teaching cross-cultural international English.
  • Grammar Bytes Grammar Instruction with Attitude. Includes detailed terms, interactive exercises, handouts, PowerPoints, videos, and more!
  • Preposition Activities – A number of resources which teach about prepositions from the Teaching Activities website.
  • NLN Materials Funded by the UK Government to support learners and organisations in the post-16 sector, the NLN Materials represent one of the most substantial and wide-ranging collections of e-learning materials in the UK.
  • Skills Workshop The home of free adult literacy and numeracy resources since 2001.
  • Reading Resources The Reading Agency is celebrating its 10th anniversary of helping young people and adults build their reading skills and confidence.
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