Prevent Duty is about safeguarding learners, visitors and staff members to keep them both safe and within the law.

What is Prevent?

Prevent is a government strategy about safeguarding people and communities from the threat of all types of extremism and radicalisation, including terrorism. It is also about the promotion of British Values.

Extremism and radicalisation might include extremist religious groups, the extreme right wing and any other  extreme causes.

At the heart of Prevent is safeguarding all learners, staff members and visitors and supporting those who are vulnerable to radicalisation.

British Values 

British values include:

British Values

Enable has a statutory duty to “prevent people from being drawn into terrorism”.  We need your help and support to help us comply with this duty.

Prevent at Enable

All further education providers (including Enable members) have a duty to safeguard their learners. All staff at Enable have completed training to ensure that we adhere to this message.

The Prevent Duty is not about preventing learners from having political and religious views and concerns but about supporting them to use those concerns or act on them in non-extremist ways.

Providers from across the sector will find resources below to support them in adopting the Prevent Duty.


If you are a learner on an Enable programme and think you are, or a fellow learner is, at risk of radicalisation you should contact the Designated Safeguarding Person within the organisation you attend for learning.

If you feel this isn’t possible please contact The Designated Safeguarding Person (DSP) for Enable:  Sam Cook by email:

More information on Prevent Duty

For more information on Prevent Duty and our responsibility please visit here alternatively you can speak to our DSP, Sam Cook.

Prevent Resources

  • Far-Right Awareness Training Opportunity
    One of our partners, Communities Inc, is running a webinar regarding far-right awareness training. This is a limited opportunity with only 20 places available! To download the flyer in pdf for display purposes, click on the image. Learn how the far-right manipulate genuine concerns and use them for their ideological gain. In this training you will be ...
  • ETF CPD Courses

    The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) has updated its Summer 2018 programme of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses that are now available to book.

  • Communities Inc. News
    You are invited to a film screening and far right workshop as part of a series of events to mark Refugee Week. Far right extremism can be beaten workshop District 9 film screening
  • Islamophobia Report and Resources

    ‘Many young Muslim people say abuse is so commonplace it is normalised, but teachers feel ill-equipped to tackle issues of Islamophobia in the classroom.’

  • ETF CPD Courses

    The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) has announced its Spring 2018 programme of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses that are now available to book.

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