Rhubarb Farm has been nominated as one of three organisations to receive money from the Tesco Bags of Help fund through the Tesco store in Clowne.
If you can do your shopping in Tesco Clowne, you are now able to vote for Rhubarb Farm!

When you shop you will be given a token, and then you can place this token in your preferred project’s voting box, near the exit door. One token is given per transaction, no matter how small the transaction. If you aren’t automatically given a token please ask for one. Sometimes you get more if you spend a lot!

If Rhubarb Farm is lucky enough to gain the highest number of votes, we will receive £4,000! Second gets £2,000 and third gets £1,000.

So next time you are using the Clowne Tesco store, please don’t forget to collect your token and to cast your vote for Rhubarb Farm! We are asking for this money to run a bigger and better Langwith Show this year, and for materials that will be useful for future local events and shows.

And the more times you shop at Tesco Clowne, the more tokens you can put in the box for Rhubarb Farm if you support us and don’t live too far away from Clowne!