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What different training courses do we offer?

Over the past couple of months, we have introduced you to Enable and our colleagues. We have mentioned a few of the courses which we currently offer to businesses and individuals in the UK. This month we thought it would be a good idea to expand on that in a little more detail. If you remember, and have read our first blog post, we have a wide range of courses available – but did you know there are different topics within those courses?! And we are adding to them all the time!

Let’s have a quick look at them all, before you head off into the website to look in greater detail:


Have you ever watched The Apprentice? Well these are nothing like that! No scary board room, no tyrant telling you “you’re fired” for making a genuine mistake as you learn, no scary business proposals and jargon on day one. Our apprenticeships are the real thing! Yes, there is a work placement, but you won’t just be left to fend for yourself from the get-go. These courses are about you working with and learning from experienced people to develop your skills. Enable offers a wide range of topics for you to choose from. Your work placement will be mutually agreed to get the best fit! We can also support you in improving your Maths, English and ICT if needed. This course is ideal for people under 25 who left school or college with very little idea of where they wanted to go in life or don’t have the skills nor qualifications to get there. We have various levels within this course and many of our apprentices either enter full time employment or progress onto the next level of apprenticeship at the end of their first course.


These are very similar to apprenticeships, but rather than thinking of them as a 6 to 8 week work placement, they are more like an elongated interview. Where you really get to learn about the business you are placed with and they get to learn about you. Again, we will help you with your Maths and English qualifications. Most of our learners, at the end of their traineeship either go onto an apprenticeship (you’re hired!), go back into education (let’s improve those skills!) or they go onto full time employment (and that’s usually with the employer they’ve been working with for the past 2 months!). Traineeships are for young people who are unemployed and not in education, this helps boost their skills to develop into the career that they cannot get on their own. This course helps people develop their all-round skills and career prospects.

Access to Higher Education

This one is exactly what it says (on the tin) – these courses help you to access higher education. If you’ve always wanted to go to University but you didn’t get the grades you needed, these courses are your stepping stone! This is our fastest growing contract, we add more course topics every year. Why do we add more when we offer so many? Because we work hard to give our learners courses they want! It’s that simple! We have so much positive feedback from learners who have graduated and got into their top choice of University! It was our first course that we adapted for learning at home, having delivered this across the country we are great at connecting to our learners – a match made in heaven! This course is perfect for people over the age of 25 who missed out on the opportunity to go to University as a teenager

Community Learning

Again, another explanatory title for a learning opportunity with Enable. This is the opportunity to do some learning within your community. This is where we take time to develop the skills of people across Nottingham preparing them for getting back into work as well as improving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We have courses which cover boosting your confidence, basic maths and English skills (including how these are vital in everyday life like budgeting), some nutrition and mindfulness training also. This really is everything you could want to improve your situation whether at work or at home. These courses are usually only a couple of weeks long, and just because you enrol on one, doesn’t mean you can’t enrol on more!

Mental Health First Aid

We would argue this is one of our most important courses that we offer. Everyone has been talking about Mental Health over the course of the pandemic, and how we need to improve it overall. The simple answer is to have more people qualified in MHFA (because it’s just too long to type every time!) This is a two day course which develops your listening skills and your understanding on how to be a better employer. This course is vital to business owners and managers. This course can

  • help with staff retention
  • lead to fewer sick days being taken
  • create a better atmosphere at work
  • improve your own personal mental health

The statistics regarding the detrimental effects of poor mental health are staggering. We would love to see more people taking part in this course to try to lessen the negative effects of poor mental health in the workplace.

Adult Education

We haven’t been very imaginative with our course titles for this one. This one is for adults who want to improve their education. Mainly we focus on Maths and English skills, and this is usually in Nottingham too. Hey! We are good at teaching Maths and English, so we stick to it. Many people who take part in these courses have done our short courses as part of the Community Learning. Adult Education courses are more in-depth and accredited learning (meaning you get an actual qualification in the subject). We do have people who come straight to us for these courses as they need the qualification to apply for their dream job. As the name suggests, this course is for adults. Anyone over the age of 18 who failed to get qualifications in Maths and English when at school.


We’re guessing you’ve never heard of this; most people haven’t. Education providers love acronyms which mean bog all to other people. “ESOL” stands for “English Speaking as an Other Language”. We teach people how to speak, read, write and understand English when it isn’t their first language. Predominantly we have delivered these courses for Syrian refugees who are in and around Nottingham. As the name suggests this course is designed for people who do not speak nor understand English. We do offer accreditation with this course, meaning that we offer them qualifications to take to prospective employers.


This stands for “Growth And Inclusion in North Northamptonshire”. Simply put, we discovered that teenagers in North Northamptonshire were struggling with poor mental health and isolation. This meant that they were at higher risk to being unemployed, and at risk for having suicidal thoughts. The statistics were shocking and we wanted to change this. We needed to make a positive impact in our Northamptonshire community; we are a community sector charity, after all! This project is aimed at people aged 16 to 24 who are unemployed. It encourages them to get involved in voluntary work within their community. We help them to develop their people skills, increase their confidence and get into employment. We started this project late last year and are already seeing that the young people are thriving. Particularly through this pandemic this course has been vital for young people in Northamptonshire.

What next?

There is a simple answer – contact us. If you are interested in any of the courses we offer, and you want to know more about them; contact us to ask.

We are available through our website: enable.uk.net/contact-us

We are available on social media:    

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We look forward to hearing from you!