As part of our new look (to go with our shiny new office) we have decided to start writing a blog to tell you more about us. We want you to get to know us better and learn all about Enable as a charity and as a business. There’s no better place to start than at the beginning, so here it is… from our humble beginnings to our new office!

What is Enable?

Enable is a charity which provides training and education for people who want to start or further their career. We do this through a variety of courses and training opportunities.

Where did Enable begin?

In order to know us and how we work we really need to explain how we began; we are quite proud that Enable began as “The Voluntary and Community Sector Learning and Skills Consortium”.

This was a consortium of training and skills providers who didn’t have the support and backing large enough to claim for funding from government agencies to fund training opportunities for things like Apprenticeships and Traineeships (We’ll explain these more fully in another post). So they banded together to create The Voluntary and Community Sector Learning and Skills Consortium – they needed a name after all!

We are off, we have started and we are getting funding! But now we have a problem as all these charities and training providers have their own staff, their own way of working; each with their own CEO, Management Team, Admin Team etc all trying to work together to claim funding. They needed central staff to do all the funding bits and paperwork so that they could get on with what they do best – training people!

So now we need core staff, well that’s easy as we already have interested parties from the charities working together; so we started to recruit from parties who already knew about us and what our goal is. But now we need a better name than “The Voluntary and Community Sector Learning and Skills Consortium”, it explains what we do to people who know us, but it’s not easy to remember… thinking hats come out of the woodwork and we create: “Enable – The Voluntary and Community Sector Learning and Skills Consortium” (“Enable” for short!).

Fast forward 13 years…

We still support those training and learning providers who gave us our beginnings but, like all good businesses do, we have evolved! We have our own board of trustees, and our registered charity number etc. but the most exciting evolution is we now have our own tutors who deliver directly for Enable.

Along the way we have added more courses and more training opportunities for our learners. And we are still evolving! Most recently, in light of the coronavirus pandemic we have evolved to add more distance learning opportunities and digital classrooms! Modern day learners really appreciate that we didn’t leave them behind as we, sadly, had to temporarily close our office.

But, what do we do?!

What courses do we provide? The simple answer is; what people asked us to.

We provide a wide range of courses on a number of topics all through various “contracts” we have through various funding agencies. The main ones of which are listed below:

  • Apprenticeships – Customer Service, Team Leading, Management, Business Admin, Health and Social Care, Hospitality
  • Traineeships
  • Adult Education Budget
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Advanced Learner Loans – this includes many options in Access to Higher Education courses
  • Growth and Inclusion for North Northants Project – “GAINN” for short
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages – ESOL for short (previously known as Teaching English as a Foreign Language, TEFL)

Don’t worry if you don’t know nor recognise some of these, over the coming months we will be putting out a blog post on each of them to explain what they are and (most importantly) how these courses will benefit you in your future and your career.

So there it is. The first blog about us; who we are and what we do. We really hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know us better.

We hope that you like and follow us on social media as we continue to grow and don’t forget to follow our hashtag! #enableyourfuture