It’s always important to keep your training up to date.

We hear it all the time that up-to-date training is important for certain careers and job roles. Does that mean that it’s less important for other jobs and roles? Up to date training is mandatory in certain circumstances but can be really beneficial in others. This month’s blog post looks at why you should think about staff and personal training more in today’s market…

Staying ahead of the curve.

Stay ahead with training

If you are in a profession where it is constantly developing (there aren’t many that aren’t, to be fair) such as a medical or legal professions then you’ll now that there is always something which is changing and you need to keep on top. This is the same with all other professions.

Ask anyone in marketing or sales and they will tell you how fast the market moves and how much they have to adapt and change to stay fresh and up to date. Our own Marketing Specialist attends weekly training sessions with marketing experts to keep our marketing materials up to date.

There are those within businesses who will legally need to keep their training up to date. It’s bad practise to have a first aider who doesn’t have the latest training. This would cause you more problems than saving money on their training would solve. Having your first aid training run out of date can also face legal ramifications. This is the same with lots of topics such as safeguarding and General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Why should employers pay for their staff training?

Employers investing in training

Most of you will recognise the quote from Sir Richard Branson; “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to”. This famous quote shows there’s no mystery as to how he became the owner of the Virgin Group.

If you invest in the future of your staff, they are more likely to invest in the future of your business. Look at LinkedIn and you will be able to spot the workers who feel valued in their jobs. They’ll most likely be shouting about how wonderful their job is on social media.

By offering your staff up to date training, you will aid with your own staff retention. People will want to work for a business which cares about them. 9 times out of 10 they will work harder if they feel appreciated within their role.

As an employer, it is in your best interest to offer your staff a wide range of training opportunities. There will be businesses with courses that are “fully funded”, meaning that they are of no cost to your business to have your staff in training.

What courses should you offer to your staff?

What training to choose

Search the internet and you will find a wide range of courses, webinars and training which will be available. Some of these will specifically state that they are designed for Continuous Professional Development (CPD). Others may not state this but are still useful to your staff.

Some of the best courses for your staff will be the ones that your staff find for themselves. After all, they know what topics they will be interested in. Sometimes your staff will use work training as the opportunity to try new skills and for their own development. If they request the training, they are more likely to complete the training as they have shown an interest in the topic.

Other courses may be mandatory for their job, annual refresher training on GDPR for example. So long as other courses are on offer, staff will be understanding of the need for mandatory training. Keeping a record of staff training will cover you for any legal requirements of the training.

For more tips and tricks as to how to find the right course, see our February blog post.

Should you do training when looking for work?

So far we have taken a look at why up to date training is important when you are an employer or in a job, but so many people (particularly through the pandemic) are out of work. Should people looking for work still complete training? Yes. Yes you should.

Not only does training and volunteering count as evidence in your Universal Credit/Jobseekers Allowance evidence, but potential new employers are more likely to look kindly on someone who shows enthusiasm for enhancing their skills. It will show employers that you are passionate about your own future and willing to put in work to get the best out of yourself.

Training opportunities are often available for people looking for work. We at Enable have a wide range of free courses for people who want to develop their skills in various areas. Take a look at some of our Courses and Opportunities for more information. Most of ours are actually designed to help you get into employment.

Attending training courses while you are unemployed, will keep you in a work mindset, demonstrate to employers that you are good at time management, and you are dedicated to your own personal development. Attending training while looking for work you will show potential employers more skills than just those learned in the training course itself.

In short, whether you are an employee, an employer or looking for work, you should make keeping up to date training your highest importance. It will make you as an individual more desirable to businesses and employers. For businesses it will help with:

  • Staff retention
  • Business development and
  • Aid your business image

Staff are more likely to share good stories on social media from a business which cares about it’s staff.

Up to date training is the best thing you can invest in. So get out there and see what your next training opportunity will be! Let us know in the comments how often you attend training and what’s the next course, webinar, or training session you are enrolled on.